College ke Din:Types Of People You Meet At College

So mates, almost a month has flown by ,since my college started and I’ve come across a lot of people. All kinds of people, all types of people, college me mera bhanti bhanti ke manushyon se saamna hua h.

So this post takes you for a virtual tour of College Life and the Types Of People You Meet there.

1. Miss Bro

“Bro,Managment ke notes bhejiyo”

This person is amazing. Matlab you can’t engage in a conversation with her without hearing her utter the term “Bro”over and over again.

And if this is not enough , Miss Bro gets an amalgation of the desh ke koone koone ki bhashaen into something which can be anything but not a bhasha, but at the same time is fun and rather sassy to listen to. On receiving the link to this article, she would surely say

“Aree bro..Me padhegi

Comment bhi kregi”

2 Mr Babu Rao

This species of Homo Sepians is rare and is generally not found in colleges.

Be it playing tash (or patte, as he calls them), or feeding Mr Chocolate, (or Mr Kesar,as he calls him,) doodh, that too with a straw(Come on!! Who does that!!!?), he is a pure Hindi Movie Keeda and never ever shys away from mimicking a couple of comic scenes be it from Hera Pheri or Phir Hera Pheri.

Kolhapur me bohut bada kholi h”

“To phir Kolhapur me jaa ke sukhane ka na”

xD xD, you guys know how it goes.

Acha.. Ek aur bat, never ever try to trifle him, or else beawre of the consequences.

3. The Red Hand Champion

Soft spoken, sweet, frank, talkative, sorry sorry, very talkative, this classmate undergoes a complete change during a game of Red Hands.

If you ever play a game with her, one thing is for sure, kuch ho na ho, you will go home with your hands red really red.

Rajputana khoon h kya kr skte h

4. The Paapi Aadmi

Super tall guy with the ability to run faster than the Flash to such an extent that he can reach the top floor on foot even before the ones in the lift, and then doesn’t even pant a bit, this Potterhead can draw, paint is a big Shinchan fan and whenever someone says something to him he has either of the following sentences on his lips

Bhai, Tu bada paapi aadmi h”


5 The Self Proclaimed “Stud”

He has a beard and a strong masculine voice, talks in a manner a lot of guys these days do, “Aree Bhai, Hum ” Stud” h”, is a techno savvy , knows a lot about phones…. well well well zyada tareef ho gyi na?,

The guy has a female name!!!(well not technically, but he does) Every time the rolls are being called out, or in any award ceremony or in other events, when our mate’s name is called out, there is always one always one guy saying

“Hey dude, why are you raising your hand. I called out a girl’s name”

Pta h, I wonder how his wedding card would look like? { Dimag lgao, samajh jaoge iska mtlab kya h}

6 Miss Nataunki

This girl is pure nataunki, full on dramebaaz, does what she wants to do, not giving a damn about anyone or anything. Be it patting someone ( the one writing this post), so hard on the back that the rajma chawal, he has been savouring gets imprinted on his shirt forever and ever or playing a well thought of prank on someone ( again the one writing this post), leaving him in complete confusion and tension for twenty four hours, really talented author as well as poet( BTW guest posts welcome!) does it all. From talking on the phone sitting in the front bench and then complaining “Yar, mujhe padhne diya kro” to instagramming a psychological Horror movie at midnight, the only term that suits her is Nataunki.

7 The Memester

Matlab, from dancing on Kajra Re Kajrare to making idiotic expressions in photographs, this meme maker has lots and lots of his embarrassing videos and photos lost deep inside the Whatsapp Group. And beawre, do not let him follow you on Instagram, he makes meme out of your profile picture

8 The Photographer

If he were to give a Ted Talk , it would have the following script

“Pehle me bohut kharab photo kheechta tha.

Log mera mazaak bnate the.

Phir mene thana ki me har nhi manga aur ek din me acha photographer banunga

Aur aaj me bohut achi photo kheechta hu”

9 Miss Chup Chap

The girl doesn’t speak much, but can write, draw, paint, sing, dance pta nhi aur kya kya krti h. I think she is just being humble yeh pakka judo, karate ke saath saath Pankration( an Ancient Greek Martial Art I just googled) me bhi champion hogi.

Matlab… College kyu aati h?? Go to Got Talent ke Auditions, you’ll be the runner up for sure if you don’t get the trophy home.

10. Just Another Guy

This guy is plain, ordinary and boring. Neither he can write breathtaking poetry , posting it on a beautiful yet inspiring blog, nor he can play any instruments. He is sooooo boring that he never ever watches movies and is not at all crazy about a movie star. He never argues and seldom has quick and witty answers. He is so dumb that he hardly knows about the current affairs ,so shy that he keeps his opinions to himself ,is not at all self obsessed and Sarcasm hu? He never NEVER EVER uses it!

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