Good Morning Zindagi: Rain

How many of you playing that imaginary rain dropet race game while the rain drops wahed down window pane?

Well..if you do, then I must tell you that you, like me ,are one of the persons who love rain.

Rain has been a very important part of our culture in India. It has been celebrated. And why not? If something helps you escape the scorching humidity of June and July in the subcontinent, it is the barish.

In Hindi, one of the many languages of India, we have quite a large number of synonyms for rain.-Barish. Barkha, Vaarish, Varsha to name a few.

Making paper boats, which I had never been able to craft properly, walking carefully so that we don’t jump into the puddles, and thus escape being scolded by our elders, looking for earthworms, who used to come out of their deep dug caves in the Rainy Season, are some of my most cherished Barish memories.

Do read my article: How to Make a Paper Boat?

And how can I forget pakores!! For those of you who don’t know, pakore is the most tasty delicacy ever cooked on planet Earth. Take some besan( I really don’t know the English translation), add some vegetables to it be it Aaloo(potato), mirchi (spice), pyaz(onion) and my favourite paneer( Cottage Cheese), to fry them to get your Pakoras Ready.

I do remember, on one instance, I had creaated an artificial ecosystem by putting soil and seeds into a transparent container and closing it with a plastic sheet with some holes in it, to let the plants breath. If this was not enough, I had meticulously rescued earthworms from the parks to put them inside the container – to form my very own Ecosystem, which by the way was destroyed by rain.

I had also penned down a couple of poems on rain, do check them out if you have time.

Delhi Rains

Tell me what’s your favourite rain memory or barish ki yaden!

Wishing you a all A Very Good Morning.

Wishing life a Very Good Morning

Good Morning Zindagi!



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