The Not So Social Media

Social Media is indeed a terrific platform to connect with people across the globe, share ideas, perform at a global stage, share knowledge, information, grow your skills, get advice, give adice, nurture your talent, begin a hobby and what not!!

However, social media as it is seen today, in typically a much hyped show off website, where people try to tell the world what they want the world to know they have and thus meet their hunger of acceptance in the forms of likes and follows.

For instance, our friend Mr Cool goes to a restaurant. He clicks a photograph and puts it out on Instagram or Facebook titled Feeling Blessed with Ms Wannabe and Mr Show Off.

Mr Guy, who just happens to be who he is , a normal guy recieves a notification on his phone, the screen flashing Mr Cool is feeling blessed with Ms Wannabe and 1 Other!

Now let’s try to go back in time. Probably in the 90s, when there was no social media. Imagine what would you name a person who goes on telling everyone in the class that yesterday evening he was feeling blessed with Ms Wannabe and 1 Other!

The need for others to acknowledge, appreciate and accept what one does, has increased to an alarming level in individuals.

People, these days can NOT live without their daily dose of likes and follows. They won’t know who their neighbour is, but they do know a friend of their friend’s brother’s girlfriend’s friend, whom they waived at a party and since then they became friends of Facebook and begin following each other on other social media platforms.

See, how much social has social media made us!

Logically speaking it is not the fault of social media. For social media has a large number of pros. For a talented artist, today the world is the stage! One need not go all the way to the movie industry and run pillar to post, one can easily connect with the world, the entire world, via social media.

One can once again find old friends, celebrate festivities with distant relatives, cherish accomplishments in form of memories, connect with people with simillar life goals, ideas, improve oneself and ultimately grow to flower into a wonderful human being!

However, people prefer sending memes, politically motivated posts and so called funny videos , rather than focusing on the positives, people have created a large number of negatives of social media.

So, speaking diplomatically, one would end saying the old standard text bookish line, social media is both a boon and a bane, it all depends how one uses it.

However, this statement is far from truth. In today’s world, if there is something negative it is social media. People speak anything to everything all under the garb of a social media account, that is often fake. People consider it cool to talk about mental health and how it is important, but turn a blind eye towards actually improving it and stop living a life quenching your third for valedicton by unknown people.

A famous Hindi saying, mentioned below, in defines Social Media and the way people use it in s very beautiful manner.

Bandar ke hath be ustara;

Which loosely translates into English as
Handing over a knife to a monkey

Hoping to recieve your interpretation of the saying in the comment section, I leave you with what one of my mentors used to always say-

Apna status lagao nhi
Apna status banao.

English translation:

Do NOT update your status
Elevate your status



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