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  1. Because I spent an insanely long period of time interpreting your poem, I am gonna post my interpretation here.

    ”For this moment, I talk about
    This very moment, I speak
    When this very moment is embraced
    One experiences oneness
    One expresses Will”

    Interpretation- This particular stanza talks about the present moment, and how when you completely experience and embrace the present moment instead of meandering in the past or in the future, you experience the sense of oneness with the universe or maybe to some higher energy, something bigger than yourself. There is an inherent reference to meditation as a means of achieving that.

    “For Responsibility is not limited
    One can choose to Respond
    To all
    For action, has to be calculated
    For, action need not fall.
    For, tendencies are created
    By actions, words and thoughts
    Tendencies, however strong they are
    With conscious effort, they are dissolved.”

    Interpretation- you have talked about autonomy over our actions and the choices we make. Most humans live their lives on an autopilot mode, thinking their lives are destined and they are helpless in the face of adverse circumstances because the odds are stacked against them. However, you debunked this myth by stating that if we make conscious efforts, we can actually change our words and thoughts and thereby our tendencies. I am sensing an inherent reference to inner engineering.

    “Being at Ease
    Is not
    At all a distant dream
    Driven by compulsions, one does
    Invite misery and disease.”

    Interpretation- You are indicating that being at ease, or to put it differently, being in a state of calm bliss and wholly involved and content in life is a very achievable goal. Its not as hard as we think it is. It is in our reach and by changing some things like our tendencies and actions, we can get it. Further, you also indicated that if we give in to our compulsions, which I assume here refers to the involuntary habits and addictions which are primarily destructive in nature, we set ourselves up for being miserable. Disease has both, a physical and mental connotation. Mental diseases – anxiety and depression. Physical diseases – high BP, high cholesterol, physical manifestation of anxiety etc.

    “To know the beyond
    To know what one knows
    That one does not know now,
    To long to grow tremendously
    Beyond the tangible intangible means
    But one does not know how.
    For here we need help
    For a light is required to dive, into uncharted territory,
    To sing and dance
    And to make out alive!”

    Interpretation- We might be knowing where we are and where we want to go but we do not necessarily know the path to achieve that. For this, we need a mentor (inherent reference to Sadhguru) who can show us the path we need to walk on. Sing and dance probably indicates the bliss of life.

    “Life does find expression
    it does like a bright flower boom
    Life does shine bright
    Life does finds it’s Rythm, it’s tune.
    GRatitude and happiness
    Love and bliss all around
    To be fully awake
    And intoxicated,
    To feel ambitions yet content
    As bright as the Sun
    As cold as the moon,
    One shines.”

    Interpretation- You have spoken about the beauty of life and compared it with flowers. Then you have given assurance that life shines bright and that it will fall into place eventually (rhythm and tune). You have spoken about experiencing life completely, with all that it has to offer and experiencing love and bliss and contentment by being fully awake. This I think is a by-product of walking on the path you talked about above. Changing your tendencies, walking on the path that your mentor showed you and experiencing the present moment with everything that it has to offer will ultimately lead to happiness, bliss and contentment.

    The End.

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