From The Indian Rasoyi: Chai

Be it early morning when you need something that would drive the neend out of you, help your tired very tired eyes open and make you ready for a refreshing start for the day, yes yes you guessed it right, I’m talking about your very own chai

Originally not grown in India, this beverage was first imported into our land by the British in the form of the high society English Tea, that was considered out of reach of whom they called ‘Indian Villagers’.

To meet the tea requirements, large tea plantations were set up in the North Eastern states and today these very British era plantations attract tourists from all round the globe in the form of the tea gardens of Darjeeling and Assam

The Tea Gardens of Assam , I’m lucky that I’ve visited them

Little did our colonial masters know that what they brought to our land as a status symbol would be adsorbed by the Indian society to such an extent that the English Tea, would become a daily commodity for every Indian household in the form of our very own kadak chai.

Hum Indians hote hi itne accepting h. Be it chai or chowmein We Indianize almost anything to everything. Take the example of the beverage only, today we not only add Chai Patti(what was originally called tea leaves) but also adrak(ginger, really good for cold),ilaichi,long and a whole variety of masales,to produce a number of chai varieties adrak chai and masala chai

This is my mug, another chaioholick

Call it a coincidence or an ittefak, just like we mastered the English sport of cricket, we’ve also mastered not only the art of making chai( we’ve pioneered the innovations here),but also the production and export of tea. According to a report by the AASOCHAM, India is the largest consumer of tea and is also the second largest exporter after China.

Since 1823, when chai was first grown in our land, just like English it has become an important part of our lives in the past two hundred years. Whenever guests come to our homes the first question they are bombarded with is ,” Aap chai lenge?”

Me to yhi kahunga ki

Angrez chalegye

Aur Chai yahan chodd gye”

Acha, for all those who do not know how to cook chai, no need to Google, I’ve the recipe here for you.

More from The Indian Rasoyi on the way for your platter

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