They must approve you
They, must you accept,
They, must like you
You, must, pass their test!

They must ring you up
They must respond to your calls
They must ping you messeges
They must like stories, on your social media wall.

They must invite you to parties
They must add you into groups
They should hang out with you
when they want to
They must compliment your look.

Just close your eyes
Just close your eyes,once
Look some years back,
To see a toddler, that
You were once.

To see how you danced
To see how you played
Look at the teenager you
Who did not care
What anyone used to say.

What has happened to you
Your individuality, have you lost?
Forgotten that you are one
Don't you know
You are not the part of the crowd?

Wake up from your slumber
Awaken, you fool!
Enough of this foolhardy quest,
It is your kingdom
And it is you
Who have to Rule!


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