The Stars

The stars, they did twinkle
Laughed, they did in a fashion faint,
The wind gushed thorough the trees
As if flirting with the leaves
Being too young to commit mistakes.

For, the Sages say
It is the journey that matters
For, the destination, is bittersweet indeed
It's like a show coming to an end
WIth the audience cheering yet leaving their seats.

For, once you close your eyes
You see the younger you
The younger you will all
The inhibitions and insecurities
But still trying to make it
In this see saw of life
The younger one grew!

For, growth is not sinister
For, evolution is not sin
Changing for the better is the need
It is the only constant in Destiny.

The stars that shine up there
Moon that faintly winks
The trees that sway merrily
The bliss that brings the breeze.

For, the journey has yet resumed
The wheel does turn again
Come, let's fall in love
With the process
Making it to the ends
In heat cold and rain!

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