Every Indian Millennial would relate To


  • Childhood is the most beautiful part in one’s lifetime. These ten-fifteen years of our life witness the  acceptance of our very existence and act as a road to the realization of the cause for our being on this planet This is the time when we cry, make friends and foes, fight, learn, discover, make mistakes, correct them…. and ENJOY LIFE THE MOST.
  • This is 2018. Most of the kids who dawned the second millennium are going to turn legally “mature” this year, at least in my case, I need to wait till December.  So if you are another 00’s kid, living in India, tighten your seat belt and get ready for an emotional roller coaster ride. Here we go:
  1. AGE

This came first to my mind, when I thought the uniqueness of our generation

  • Well… seen your parents and uncles, thinking hard to remember how old they are?
  • In our case, we never faced and will never face this problem. A quick glance at the calendar tells  us what our age. You know we 00’s kids go hand in hand with the millennium.


  • Remember the old black slightly heavy cassette players, you had in your house in the early years of your existence. A typical example of the 90’s hangover.
  • Then came the CD players. We used get VCDs and DVDs of cartoon movies and sometimes some other from those CD Shops in the neighborhood.
  • This was the message we all had seen on the box TVs we had during our growing years
  • Then we had the pen drives and everything changed. We are the generation, which has witnessed the transition from those radio like music players to pen drives and now to the indeed very smart smartphones.
  • Now almost everybody had this song on their lips, half of us not knowing what it meant.
    • “Why this Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri di”
  • Songs like “Jeene ke hai char din”, “Main hoon na”, “ Kal ho na ho”, “ Maa Tujhe Salam” penetrate deep into our soles enough to make us sing along.
  • And who can forget “Lungi Dance”, which became a national rage due to some cause I’ve still not figured out.
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  • T.V Shows
  • The 00’s was the time in which Indian television undergone a complete metamorphosis.
  • From the old sarkari channel of Doordarshan, focus shifted to more appealing and by far more entertaining tv channels.
  • We can never forget this T.V show.
  • “Kuch to gadbad hai DAYA”
  • And this Crorepati Show had everybody glued to their TVs with their phones on, answering Big Bs questions on “Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot”

And how can I miss cartoons:

  • Remember this old Cartoon Network Logo? Hu?
  • And Tom and Jerry….


  • And this bunny. He was smartness, wit, humor and cleverness all packed into one. The Hindi voiceover made it even better.
  • And everybody had been scolded for watching this little five year old kid.
  • “Mera naam Shinchan Nohara hai aur mujhe shimla mirch bilkul pasand nhi hai”
  • It is a great mystery that he was five years old when we were five years old and now we are almost ready to vote but he is still a little five year old kid?  Strange. Isnt it?
  • And this spectacled boy
  • This blue 22nd century robot.
  • Do you remember how was it?
  • “Doraemon. Doraemon Mujhe gadget do na”
  • {I assume you can imagine the voice, the original voice of Nobita}

And this guy.

Wait. Weren’t these two related.

  • One spectacled guy, a pretty girl he has a crush on , a robot to help him, a fat neighbourhood bully and a spoilt rich  brat. A perfect recipe for a Japanese animation.
  • Those people took Pokemon off air when we were toddlers. Brought it back when were teens. Cruel. But you all remember the song don’t you?

“Ek Safar pe Nikla hoo main

GHoomonga charon disha

Har pokemon ki shakti hai khas

Usko hai samjhna”

  • And these lines.

“Duniya ko tabahi se bachane ke liye

Sabhin logon k eek saath lane ke liye

            Sab ko batane ke liye hum kya karv skte hain

Poori Duniya ko apni muthi mein kar sakte hain.

Team Rocket




(Fill in the blanks)

  • Who was this Octopus?
  • And this little guy who used to drive a taxi and sometimes even a plane?
  • And Bob The Builder. The song was something like this-

“Bob the Builder kar ke dikhayenge

Bob the Builder ………………………………….”(Fill in the blanks)

  • Toys and Games
  • Having this phone at our times was far too valuable than owning an iphone now.
  • Addicted to Clash of Clans or Candy Crush or Hay Day or whatever game you like. I bet this you’d played this game with more concentration and shiddat( I can’t find the correct English word for this).
  • True? Right?
  • Ever had a family game of carom?
  • Remember using  talcum powder on the board?
  • Smiling? I know it!
  • These WWE cards.
  • Khali was rank 1 na?
  • And these cricket cards
  • Having a Tendulkar was like a golden chance to win.
  • Cricket in the neighbourhood
  • Ever collected money to buy a tennis ball? It costed Rs. 3O earlier then Rs. 40 and then Rs. 50.
  • Badminton.
  • The coolest kids on the block used to have these Yonex racquets.
  • Pretty expensive…
  • Politics and Cricket
  • For most of our growing years this face was the one recognized as the Prime Minister.
  • However things have changed a lot in the past decade.
  • We are the generation fortunate enough to see God play and retire.
  • Also supported Captain Cool get this.
  • And this.
  • We were the ones who cheered for
  • And this
  • And this too
  • No matter in which part of India we lived, which language we spoke, we enjoyed the 00’s to the maximum we could. We are the generation that has seen the era without technology and are the first ones who turn to Google for everything. The social media generation. But not mad after it like our predecessors. We are not the best. No not the best. But the most unique generation of all.
  • Ishan

7 thoughts on “Every Indian Millennial would relate To

  1. Nostalgic……….absolutely.
    We’ve seen the transition of phones to smartphones, the transition of televisions turning from a huge chunk to slimmer frame being hung on the wall, seen transition of cartoons and entertainment industries, even witnessed transformation of various parts of Delhi, seen the metro grow and much more.
    We millennials have experienced much more than that, and all the things we’ve seen, and the changes we’ve experienced; it’s obviously not possible to sum it all up in one single post.
    But many of it was summed up here, and gave a brilliant dose of nostalgia……….

    Brilliant Piece Of Writing……..

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  2. क्या बात कही है इसको पढ़ के मै कुछ समय के लिए मानो मै बचपन मै चला गया था

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