The clouds have a language
A tongue they can speak
They talk, laugh and cry
Like the rest of us,
They do know what is happiness
And what is misery
When I saw the clouds
Yesterday, they seemed to me
A Cartography Map,
A kingdom, an empire,
To be conquered
A dream of a distant land

Sometimes, they became a candy
Something that I could eat
On other instances,the clouds were formless without a meaning
Just forms of bliss and
Ecstacy and glee.

The mind is fickle,
It likes to think
For, the clouds are what are clouds kike
They like to flow and fly
They don't concern about
The past or the future
Tomorrow or mystery.
The clouds do tell a message
They tell a story, a life
They symbolise the pragmatism
They represent the stillness
Dynamism and Exuberance alike.
For, when you are burded up
You think your are in pain
The clouds, learn from them
And let it inside you
In the life of you
The drops fall,
Let them conquer
Your pain.

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