For Freedom is not To choose
Freedom is not to go round
Freedom is about finding expression
To what is Chosen
To cherish and to grow
To harness wisdom out of wounds.

Once a choice is made
Choiceless what become you
For when a Choice is made
Be it hail cold or rain
Live and die into it you.

For being choiceless
Is not bondage
For being without a choice
Is actually a gift,
To walk the path,
You have chosen,
To create you own destiny
Your will!

For get Thou what
You want to gather
Get Thou what
You want,
For it is your mind
That delimitates, castles
Out of sheer clouds,
Kingdoms, it forms!

Make a choice, you should
A Choice to be Choiceless afterall,
Break, inhibitions, fears, yours you should
To Exersise your choice fully, totally
Without any hesitation,
You shall fly and not crawl !

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