Happy New Year!

The planet competes
Another round of the Sun
Which is nothing but a Star
The planet, brings to an end
Another bunch of months, weeks, days and hours.

For, this year
It was different
For, this year
It did rain
This year,
The Sun did shine
The year,
Snow did wash away our pain.

Although, time is relative
It does stop, if you think
Recieve happiness, emmit glee
It brings you a certain sense
Of Balance of being
Enables to be still and exuberant
Involved totally and still be free.

May you see the Sun shine
May, the Moon in you descend
May, you experience the breeze flowing through
A spectacular wonderful version
Of yours, it has to begin

For metamorphosis is possible
Filth, does bloom flowers
For, it is only up to you
Wnat can be made out of it
You can indeed aim and realise
The twinkling of the stars.

The Earth indeed moves for you
So does the Moon
The Sunlight, does fall for you
So, does the Clouds shed their water for you.

We have immense respect
Gratitude for the year gone
We do welcome the next year
With warmth and open arms.

Wishing all of you a Very Happy New Year!
Stay Safe

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