The nation mourns
Today, the country salutes
Today ,your people express
Their love and gratitude.

Today, the Sun shines dimmer
Today, the Motherland cries
and Salutes you and your courage
For the ultimate sacrifice.

Today, the people gather on streets
They, sing nationalistic songs
Pay homage, pay tribute
To you, the Greatest Patriot of all.

You stand taller, today
Than the Mountains from which you hail
Today, you inspire one thirty crore
Indians, for whom
You served selflessly be it night or day.

Today, the winds seem sinister
The sky seems to cry
The soil of the very land
You protected, in your memory
Seems to turn dry.

O Chief, India salutes you
With a vow to never let you down
Bring the Country fame
To ensure She always smiles
And never ever She drowns.

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