No not a teenager
No not an adult
For you are indeed the threshold
Too old to be kid
And too young to be an adult.

Claims to be responsible
Concious enough to drive
In elections ,to vote
But ironically,
Forgets where the phone is kept
Or the way out of the neighborhood,
Does not at all know.

Is angry, is frustrated
Blames the old for all
"This should have been done
Like this and that"
Yet,looks for precedents
As is too young
To make mistakes
Can not fall.

Wants to be free and young
Atleast claims to be the same
Preaches freedom and finances
Yet pockets the change the balance
That remains from errands.

Is confused about the future
Laughs at the past
Claims of breaking the notions
Yet, unknowingly becomes a part of the same at last.

Makes mistakes
A lot of them
For, mistakes are to be made
A Young fool grows to an
Smart adult,
This is what the tradition says

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