Wake Up

The  army being assembled
Seen the war horns being made
Seen the horizon crumble
Seen the battlefield being raised.

The scion,the prince lies
Deep away in sleep
Knowing the predicament fully
It's High time
His fears
He should meet.

For, what masquerade as emotions
As love, as friendship as bond
Are pure mathematical choices
For convenience, some,if not all.

To dream big,
The scion does need to fly above the rest
Work day and night
Not knowing when to rest.

To rise up to a level
To strengthen up
To grow
The prince needs to buckle up
Everything, needed
The Prince already knows.

The enemy is difficult
For he is a real foe
But the psychology
That the warrior traps
He would have to let it go.

But the prince, first needs to
Start working
Begin to do his tasks
Involve himself fully
To know what gifts
The life has brought

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