I’ve not seen Merlin
The Magician everyone knows
Nor do I have seen Potter
The Chosen, a broom, he drove.

I’ve not seen Alladin
Not I’ve ever been to his cave
I’ve not met Mr Wonka
I’ve not his Oompa Loompas bake any
Chocolate cake.

I’ve not met Gulliver
I’ve also not been to the Lilliputian Island
I’ve neither met Alice
Also nor I’ve been to the Wonderland.

I’ve never said Abracadabra
Nor have I ever seen Carpets fly
I’ve never found a Diary
That takes me back in time
To awaken someone who
Half vanquished lies.

I’ve never seen such fables
Never been a part of these fairy tales
But I do know
If I’m aware
Conscious of life around me
It’s pure magic
That I create.

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