We all are Trumans

How many of you have ever watched The Truman Show? This Hollywood movie tells the tale of a reality show where unlike the reality shows, that are normally aired on television, everything is real. The reality television show with the same name as the movie, runs twenty four seven without any advertisements.

The show depicts a small town called Sea Heaven, which is an entire world in itself, in which, lives the movie’s protagonist, Truman, who does what one average man is expected to do. He goes to school, he makes a girlfriend in college, gets a job, and then settles down marrying a girl from the very same town.

Interestingly, our Truman does not appear to be acting for the cameras, as he does not know that there are any cameras! Truman is born and brought up in the artificial world of Sea Heaven Island as if it were a real world. He behaves exactly in a manner in which a normal guy does, as in this fictitious world, everything is fake, plastic, but not him.

With such an intensity of emotions, witty humour and an uncanny ability to bring tears to one’s eyes, the movie concludes when Truman a.k.a Jim Carrey, for none could have played him better; reaches the horizon and finally finds the truth.

If we think a bit, ponder about ourselves, it is pretty clear that we are actually enslaved in our own psychology about what we are and what others are. We have formed assumptions about everything to anything. We say that we Know that we live in Earth, Earth is in the Solar System, which is in the Milky Way. But what we forget is , until the climax of the movie, Truman also knew the world that was presented to him to be true.

For instance, let us talk about a child. A child is ,if not anything, but curious. He wants to know about everything all the time. He constantly observes the world, makes conclusions, understands life around him. He wants to know how things work, why the Sun rises, why the Moon changes everyday, why there are seasons, who actually is he? But as one ages, this Why factor diminishes and he takes a more pragmatic and practical view of the life around him, to thus, lose the famous childhood twinkle in his eyes.

A worm living inside an apple considers that fruit to be the entire world. A fish in an aquarium does not know anything about the might of the multiple oceans and the seas. The parasites who live in our bodies, consider our body to be the entire universe. An isolated tribe knows nothing of the world outside the forest.

For a chicken, who is yet to be born, the entire world is nothing but the egg shell. It is after we crack open th eegg for breakfast, it gets to know that there exists a world outside as well.

We are like that worm, my friends. We think we know a lot. But in reality we are waiting for someone to bit off the fruit and expose us to the world that lies outside. We all are in a very big Truman Show, with someone else calling all the shots, of not only others, but for us as well. We all are driven, controlled by something that is beyond our imagination, for we do not Know anything about it. Thus, we all are indeed characters of The Truman Show. We all are indeed Trumans

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