Dear Toys

I wrote this poem after watching Toy Story 4

I remember those Summers
I have them my mind
I haven’t forgotten those winters
When we used to play
All the time.

I remember you, Lion
I remember our wars
Tiger, Leopard and Bear
I haven’t forgotten
You all.

I remember you tweety
The cars and bikes
I won’t forget you so swiftly
You, toys were mine.

I miss those days of playing
That care free time
All those beautiful evenings
We used to spend together
After I sung those nurses rhymes.

I remember my childhood
My growing years with you all,
I must tell you ,my toys today
We were the best friends of all.

Now that I have grown up,
Gone are those cheerful days
But whenever I see the dark clouds thunder
You resecue me like the sun’s rays.

Dear Toys
My toys,
You had made my life bright
Dear Toys
My toys
You are my childhood personified.

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