The MahaYodhya Series: The Kandaka Prophecy- Chapter 6

Present Day, The Royal Palace, Vijaygarh, Dhyaneshwar Empire

There was indeed an eerie silence . No one had spoken a word in the war room since the letter had arrived.

The emperor had been sitting on the throne, for the past twenty minutes, unmoving, but his eyes gazing at the door of his chambers, in quick intervals.

The courtiers, most of whom were obsequious to whatever their ruler said, also followed suit and stood transfixed, with their heads hung in shame in front of the cartographic wonder of the physical map of Aryavrata.

The Dhyaneshwari empire, unlike other contemporary rulers, who still used two dimensional and parchment maps, had gone a step further in the delicate field of map making.

The cartographers of the Taxila University, had not only devised a technology that could scale the entire topography of the landscape, but could also use concept scientific and architectural methodologies that produced a three dimensional model of the entire area to be mapped.

With a rotating wheel fixed at a precisely calculated height, the drops of water flowed through the tiny channels of water that lay embedded in the Hydraulic lime structure. These were not mere pathways created for the sake of simplicity, but were especially architectured to replicate the length and width of all the major rivers flowing through the Aryavrata.

In the times of rain, the speed of the rotating wheel was increased at a substantial rate by the scientists, so as to maintain a steady flow of water to all the three tubs of water that encircled the peninsular part of the model, representing the Bengal Khadi in the East, the Sindhu Sagar in the West and the Indian Ocean in the South.

“The Mahamantri wishes to seek acquaintance with the Emperor”, a guard bowed down.

“Let him in”, the emperor waived his hand.

Walking proudly, with his trademark twisted turban, and right hand smartly rolled over green silk, the Mahamantri walked into the Emperor’s official chambers.

“Hail to the Samrat!”, he begun, “,I’ve been informed the worst has begun to unfold,”

The Mahamantri walked towards the ruler’s throne to shake his head, “Only if the emperor paid heed to the advice that is in the empire’s benefit and stop listening to sycophant courtiers.”

“There are so many of them!”, the Mahamantri laughed gazing around the emperor’s chambers .

“Enough! Brother ShreeDhar “, the Emperor retorted, “As the Emperor, the Dhyaneshwar constitution gives me full authority to choose my own cabinet.”

The internal Vijaygarh politics revolved around what the Kaleshwaris called two power centers. One being that of Ajayindraand ShreeDhar and the other consisting of the Emperor and his brown noser courtiers. The victory of the latter was the empire’s defeat and hence their victory.

“Mahamantri”, squeaked one of the courtiers, KunalaShreshtha,”Let’s not waste time quarreling. We must not forget that every moment we waste here brings the enemy to the doors of Vijaygarh.”

KunalaShreshta, was not only skilled in flattery but also knew how to get the conversation going.

“Brother, this was dispatched to the city gates today morning.”, the emperor handed over a parchment to ShreeDhar, ” We had had all the experts investigate and it seems that this is not fake.”

Touching the piece of parchment, the Mahamantri winced,” It is indeed the bark of the Himalayan oak”. He had spent considerable amount of his youth in the mountain gurukuls ,the esteemed schools of the land.

Clearing his throat, he begun translating the letter into Sanskrit,

Greetings Samrat

As you know the Kandakwasis tantrics are in connection with the stars and the other celestial bodies like no one in Jambudweepa.

“As per our tantravidya, our ancient science of dark arts, the stars are no longer bestowing you with good fortune as they were since the reign of Emperor Dhyaneshwar, after whom your kingdom is named.

Therefore, in order to save Mother Earth and the divine forests of ours, from the wrath of the Gods, the Kandak Council of Elders has chosen your kingdom this year for the annual sacrifice.”

The courtiers sat expressionless staring at the Mahamantri with hope, preparing themselves for what was to come.

The emperor gazed at ShreeDhar, waiting for him to continue,

“We leave the Kandak Bana on the third day of Monsoon , hopeful of a welcome, in accordance with the traditions our great land.

Stay Happy.

Yours sincerely
Prachand KandakShreshta
The Chief of Tribe,
Kandaka Forest”

As the Mahamantri finished, the eerie stillness returned to the royal chambers. The courtiers, sycophantic to great extents, but were intelligent enough to understand the gravity of the situation.

The dreaded warrior tribe of the Kandaka Forest was going to attack their city, not to loot, or conquer, but to use the city dweller’s blood to please Mother Kandakani, the Kandak Goddess of Destruction.

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