Dumbo: The Flying Elephant

How many of you have seen Dumbo, another live ation classic by Disney?

Well, if you haven’t, I recommend that you should watch it at the earliest as like all other Disney movies, apart from leaving you in splits of laughter, and inculcating a sense of happiness , innocence and purity into you,Dumbo also gives you a life lesson that is not to be forgotten anytime soon.

The movie is set up in the nineteenth century America, in the world where people didn’t visit malls, movie halls or football grounds for entertainment, but used to visit the circus.

In one such circus, lived two little siblings, who had recently lost their mommy and their dad,the famed horesman had returned from war with only one hand.

Soon, Mrs Jumbo, a newly bought animal in the circus gives birth to Dumbo, an elephant with extra large pair of ears, that they looked like wings and guess what, using the same, Dumbo could indeed fly like a bird!!

Soon, the fame Dumbo garners to the circus, invites the king of the circus industry, Mr. Vandevere to purchase the entire Dumbo troupe, and employ them in his amusement park, the Dreamland.

Mr Vandevere descision to kill Mrs Jumbo, follows a perfect execution of the plan involving all the siblings,their dad and the entire troupe that results in the entire Dreamland burning down to flames with the Dumbo and his mother Mrs Jumbo flying free to their home in the rainforests of India.

The tale of Dumbo, narrates the extraordinary tale of self belief, conquering of self doubt and inspires one to follow his or her dreams because wishes do come true.

The movie gives a chance to introspect and see the real reason why humans inflict pain and suffering on aniamls. Be it Zoos, or butcher houses or even circuses, the plight of these living creatures, with whom humans share the earth can be seen everywhere.

In the movie, Disney does what it is famous for with utmost perfection, tells a story ; sometimes tickling the viewers to laughter, sometimes making them cry, sometimes forcing them to ponder and making sure that they leave the cinema halls with big bright smiles on their faces.

I think that’s why there is the world famous saying:

Disney Never Disappoints.

For me, Dumbo, has been an eye opener, made me more sensitive towards the animals and had made me realise the cruel nature of what we term as ‘development’. Apart from this, the Disney classic has indeed given me a life lesson: The real Magic is not outside, but within you.

3 thoughts on “Dumbo: The Flying Elephant

  1. Disney never disappoints. so true.
    I haven’t watched dumbo yet, so i can’t relate right now. I’ll surely watch it.
    But because it’s disney… well, no doubt it will be great.

    Liked by 1 person

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