The MahaYodhya Series: The Queen’s Vengeance Vow- Chapter 2

Present Day, Royal Palace, Vijaygarh, Dhyaneshwar Empire

“But, son ShreeDhar, Kartikaya is too young for battle”, whined Ajayindra talking to his foster child Keshakulna,who was today better known as the Mahamantri of the Dhyaneshwar Empire.

The muscular shoulders and well built chest, adorned with a Vajra Kavach or the armour made from the strongest substance known to man “Vajra”, except for his graying hair and moustache and a slight wrinkles on his normally calm visage ,there was nothing that could lead to one belive that AjayIndra was over a hundred years old,

“Kartikeya may be young, O great warrior”, growled, Emperor Vajrikdraya, ” But don’t forget he has my blood running in his veins”, coming closer to the Dhyaneshwar Patriarch, he wisphered, “Your blood flowing in his veins.”

The Prime Minster, the Royal Dhyaneshwar Advisor and the Emperor himself were in the Emperor’s private chambers, that had become the unannounced War Room of the empire.

The Emperor had not been able to find recluse for his favourite pastimes, quite similar to the other royals of the time, drugs and alcohol, since the Kaleshwari predicament had arisen.

Never been in a decisive situation in his life, with the Patriarch taking the charge of adminstration and military campaigns during building of the emprire and later ShreeDhar filling up his foster father’s shoes, the heir of the Dhyaneshwari empire never had an opportunity to grow up.

Once a well built young man, the effect of drink and substance abuse was quite visible on the his body, especially on his pot belly that deeply contrasted his sunken shoulders with excessive jwellery and the gemstone embedded Royal Dhyaneshwari crown on his forehead.

“What ever,his highness orders”, bowed down Ajayindra, as here Vajrikdraya was the Emperor, not his very own nephew, who had been a living with him since the earstwhile Emperor and Empress were martyred in the First Battle against the Kaleshwari Empire .

Nodding to ShreeDhar, the Emperor strolled out of the War Room, while the Prime Minster stamped a parchment with his Royal Suryavanshi seal, not knowing that this very piece of parchment was going to change the entire history of the empire forever.


Present Day, Somewhere in the Indian Ocean

“Yes, your highness”, bowed Varastula, by positioning his sword in between his hands and lowering his head to his chin, a traditional Kaleshwari greeting.

“Varastu, how much more time will it take to reach the mainland?”, questioned a black hooded figure, resting her hand on the taffrail.

“Another week, my lady”, answered the Kaleshwari lieutenant, with his eyes still staring the ship floor.

“Another week…”, the hooded figure sounded a bit irritated, ” And how are our preparations?”

“My lady, the navy is equipped like never before, the ammunition we are carrying is especially bought from the South and the armours they are so strong that-” his queen interrupted her.

“What about the soldiers?”,

“The soldiers, your highness”, the well built athletic body of the great Kaleshwari commander in chief was trembling.

“What about the soldiers Lieutenant Varsarula?”, growled the hooded figure, referring to the commander in chief by his real name.

“Your Highness..” he stopped, ” It is Ajjjjay..ajjay Ajayi-“

“AJAYINDRA!!!”, screamed the hooded figure, banging her bangles studded hands on the taffrail, breaking it into two, “AJAYINDRA” , she shrieked yet again, this time letting go off her hood, revealing a heavily bruised muscular frame of a slim and athletic body, adorned with a distinct black Kaleshwari armour and white dhoti.

Raising her scabbard with both her arms, that like every inch of her body were inked to imprint certain ancient language that was not even known to the contemporary Kaleshwari folk, The Queen of the Kaleshwari Empire, MeghNandini growled, “Revenge!! We shall seek revenge.”

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