Social Media:Is it really “cool”?

How many times have you woken up to a bright sunny morning, finding your mobile phone flooded with notifications, So and So shared an Instagram story or So and so shared a status update in a while,? Well, I bet most of you have experienced this and quite a lot of you are responsible for other people receiving such notifications.

Almost all my friends, myself included, have been addicted to social media at atleast one point of our lives. Be it Facebook, Whatsapp or even Instagram, we all know people who are glued to their phones all the time recording each and every moment of their lives for an audience, which they call, friends and followers.

So why do they do it? Is it wrong to post things about yourself? is it conservative for someone not having an active life of social media? Is not spending hours and hours on any one of those social media platforms , is like turning a blind eye towards modernisation? Has social media become an integral part of the 21st century earth? Does being not active on social media mean that you are not “cool”?

Well, here is what I believe.

People tend to be suuuuper active on social media because this gives them attention that they desire, like everybody else. Posting images online which make neither head or tale, or posting highly philosophical quotations, from some medieval thinker, whose thoughts are much beyond these social butterflies’ intellect does make sense only to the people who post similar things. So these people receive likes and follows, for the things they themselves know nothing about.

Another kind of post that makes no sense at all to me is the Good Morning and the Good Night posts. Come on, who sleeps with his or her hair properly done? And if one is so sleepy that he or she can’t keep their eyes open then why on earth will anybody click their photo, post it online and then discuss about the picture with his or her friends or followers, who comment the picture.

Then let’s talk about food. Images of the food, people are eating, are being widely circulated. Great! But again, what I fail to understand is, why would anyone share the picture of the food he or she had for dinner with everybody they know? I mean, everyone knows , including your school classmates, your coaching friends, your teachers, your relatives, the relatives of your relatives, the friends of your friends’ friends., that you had so and so dish for dinner .Come on, now don’t tell me that this doesn’t happen

This article does not tell that social media should not be used at all. It should be used. Our generation can not imagine a life without social media. The idea of not being able to text our friends, really haunts us. A lot of our friendships are strengthened because of social media. We’ve made a lot of close friends using social media only. But this does not mean that we begun living a life with a daily quest to gain as ,any likes , follows and friend requests possible. Social media should be used indeed, but social media should’nt be using us

And yes, status updates. One teacher of mine, once told the class,

Apna status lgao nhi

Apna staus banao”

Which literally translates into English as

Do not update your status

Elevate your status”

4 thoughts on “Social Media:Is it really “cool”?

  1. True how can someone have the courage to be like ni yr neend to fir a jaegi first let me update my picture of me going to sleep๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

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