So you have finished your school and either waiting for your first allotment letter or already got one and now are shopping shoes and hair products or whatever accessories you want and are all set to enter college life.

Well, here you get top 15 things that you need to do in a college, apart from stuydying.

Have a look.

  1. Start Something New:

College is a time when you feel like being born again. Yes this time, you are a bit mature and you know your strengths and weaknesses.

So why not begun college life by trying something new?

Learn an instrument, a guitar, a keyboard, a tabla, begin drawing, begin writing poetry, fiction,dance, sing, skate you can do anything to everything!!!!!!!

Just find that one thing and devote your entire college life to it. Make it a lifelong hobby and just ensure that once you walk out of your college, with a degree in your hand, you have that talent, that extra feather in your cap, that special interest column should not go empty in your resume..

2.Never Let An Opportunity Go

Be it debates, extempores, street plays, singing competitions, dancing competitions, even something you have never really tried,just close your eyes and give it a try.

Dekhte h kya hoga mentality should be used, and trust me, most of the time kuch acha hi hoga, and if it doesn’t work, you have always learnt something new.

3.Make Lifelong F.R.I.E.N.D.S:

Yar, you are going to a college, after all. And this is the time you need to find your true lifelong friends, get a 2 a,m, friend, someone to confide to,someone who knows all about you, your recent crush to the girl you cheated on and you also know exactly the same things about him or her. You definitely need a friend like this, if not a bunch of  friends.

4.Watch the 9 se 12 Ka Show :

You need to do this.  Really, you need to do this,  Buy the tickets of ALate Night Show of a movie,by contributing money, rather chillars, outside the hall, and watch the entire  show, in the raat ka ghup andhera.

5.Dance at a party all night:

Be it your best friend’s birthday, his girl’s birthday, his girlfriend’s new boyfriend’s birthday or even a break up party, hit the dance floor and DANCE  and DANCE until, either the dance floor breaks, or the D.J stops or the organisers throw you out of the party.

  6.Enjoy a Card Game with your friends:

 If you haven’t played rummy yet, it doesn’t matter, just grab a deck of cards, or  a tash ki gaddi  and begun the game, get a badshah, get your begum, get you gulaam  and have a baazi!!!

7.Play a game of Antaksahri, in your class, when your teacher is teaching:

Trust me I’m the worst singer born on planet Earth,if not the worst, and I LOVE TO PLAY ANTAKSAHRI. From old songs, from the era of Rajesh Khanna, to the very recent Varun Dahvan songs, you can choose your own songs and ROCK!!!

8.Date Someone  Nice:

 Find a good someone, text that someone,talk to the someone over the phone, write poetry for that someone, get ready and do some make up for that someone and finally propose that someone. 

Remember Dekha jayega Mentality 

. Have a breakup 

Again, write poetry, again listen to songs, this time not the romantic ones, but rather the heartbreak ones, Linkin Park would do, and then laugh over it, when you find someone better. A’d then squint your eyes and say:

“Wait!!!…. was that me with this moron??”

10.Go on a trip to a different  city:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is download-13.jpg

Make up a plan. Hire a car, or board a bus, but do go out for a trip.. ya it may not be Goa!!, ( xD), but anyplace that is new!!!

11.Stand up in the Campus Elections:

 It is time, that you get ready to prove your mettle. Just stand up in the student body elections, or your class representative elections, but just do not shy away from opportunities…

Do not forget the Dekha jayega Mentality.

12.Make A Band or Join a Poetry Club or Audition for a Reality Show

Did you know,a little girl auditioned for Harry Potter, just casually at her school and later she turned out to be Emma Watson!!!

Give it a try, maybe, you are the star in the making.!!!

13. Learn a new Language

Come on, I told you na, you are being born again…. So why not learn a new
tongue. being a multilinguist is going to help you indeed. You may go
international, learn French, Japanese, Chinese, ,Russain or you can go
local, watch a bit of fregional cinema, learn to decipher Urdu, Tamil, Punjabi,
Bangala, Garwhali,Himachali por even Parseltongue, it may help you open some
centuries old chamber.

14. Spend Time In the Library

Go to the library, read fiction, non fiction, Y. A, textbooks, romance,
comics,magazines,newspaper, the yearbook …..anything, BUT READ, because you
will never get time to read more in life. And as some great man, who happened
to walk to walk on planet Earth has said

“Books broaden the minds and open the doors to horizon”, wow, I
just made a quote.

Wicked people do not read,

And people who do not read are wicked”

So do spend time in a library and you may even find someone new there.

15. Get a Fancy haircut,

You have time only now, friends. No school rules, no office rules, just you
are free to get a hairstyle you’d like to. Go blonde, or green shade, or why not
a blue, but people should turn their necks, the next time you walk to the

So, this is all what I feel must be done in college. You can write in the comments below, to tell me, what else can be done in the most carefree time of our lives, college life.

Dream big and dare to fall because… wishes do come true




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